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Why I No Longer Watch the NBA

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I haven’t watched a single NBA game in over a year.  Not by chance, but because I refuse to.  There are two reasons for this, which I will explain below.

The Star Treatment: NBA officials favor star players and rarely call a game fairly. To best understand this, watch any game in which LeBron James plays.  If an opposing player lays a finger on LeBron, he is quickly whistled for a foul.  Yet James can do just about anything that he wants to.  An example of this can be seen in last night’s game against the Detroit Pistons.  Lebron played over 40 minutes and had exactly zero fouls called against him.  What are the chances?  Apparently he doesn’t have to dribble the ball either.  This morning, on ESPN, a “highlight” was shown in which LeBron clearly traveled en route to a “spectacular” basket.  This happens all the time in the NBA.  Player are commonly seen taking three steps on their way to the rim.  Lebron however, took FIVE.  If the NBA cannot enforce its most basic rule, how can the integrity of the officiating be trusted in any situation?

Laziness:  I’ve never seen another sport in which players can simply stand around while their teammates are working so hard.  It’s particularly bad during the first half of the season.  Players will simply be standing around while a teammate is attempting to make a play.  It’s very aggravating, especially when your team is being lazy.  As early as the 5th grade, basketball coaches tell their players to move without the ball.  For some reason, this idea is lost on NBA players.

I watch hockey, football and baseball.  I even watch college basketball.  But you won’t see me supporting this corrupt league full of lazy millionaires.


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April 1, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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